old school.

Some drawings and images from over the years.




Moon Face.




Fish in a Stream.




Frog wearing a cardigan.

This is the black and white selection.

peace love and old gems.

“digital” work from the last fewdays.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been playing with some photo’s and an old painting of mine.




Golgotha (the place of the skull).

I painted the upside down skull a few months ago but I decided to re-visit it digitally.





Anyone who follows my Instagram (@zeas737) will tell you I love graffiti and flowers. The above image is a collage of some of my favorite photo’s that I have taken of graffiti with a bit of digital editing.

peace love and spray paint.

Hard Drive exploration.


I was looking at some of my old work and I found some stuff I wanted to share.


cooking wip

cooking illustration.

I imagined an article in a newspaper supplement on how easy it is to make a salad and using a line drawing and digital collage made the above illustration.






Cat lady.

a drawing of a lady with two cats.





desolate north


  • “But there are large and uninhabited and desolate areas. Certainly in part of the North East where there’s plenty of room for fracking, well away from anybody’s residence, where we could conduct without any kind of threat to the rural environment.” – Lord Howell
    I though I would imageon what it would be like if the north east was actually desolate and not filled with so many great comunities that I have been blessed to be around the last 5 years.









its an illustration of a Henry hoover






A quick drawing of a puffin eating.


peace love and excessive amounts of fish.


Ipad revolution.


These are some of the designs I recently submitted to a website that creates Ipad cases once they are ready for sale I will put up a link here’s a taster for now

chimny pots



purple trees green river

red tree green sky



peace love and Ipad cases.

Hiatus is a word I really dont like…

..but I have been forced to have one because I was moving house.

I now live in the south of England just outside Swindon.

I haven’t stopped creating during the break from blogging, hopefully I will be able to share some of that work with you. Here’s some of what I have been doing;









Peace Love and Flowers


Paintings on wood.


eagle collage




peace love and eagles.